Founded in 2010, the Colorado Creditors Bar Association was created by Colorado attorneys working primarily in the credit and collections fields as a response to challenges and changes facing their area of specialization. CCBA works to educate and assist its members with compliance issues and to communicate to the public its various positions in the world of credit. Its members, all Colorado-licensed attorneys at law, are specialists in the representation of creditors and are committed to the certainty, clarity and efficiency of the legal system with regard to the enforcement of contractual rights.

CCBA’s area of practice—debtor and creditor—is one with which a diverse and growing slice of the public finds itself in daily interaction, likely to a greater extent than virtually any other. Legislators and courts, in the areas of securities, water, and land use, for instance, can expect that their pronouncements are read and understood by lawyers in language fit for them. But simplicity and clarity in the arena of debtors and creditors—where those struggling to comprehend their rights and responsibilities may not share an indoctrination—carries the greater premium; obfuscation the greater price. CCBA does not set itself forth as an advocate for consumers, but it is the consumer’s understanding of the law that applies to an obligation with which its membership must deal. It views this litigation not as an opportunity to make the law more advantageous; rather, it is one to help make it more readily capable of being understood.

The CCBA is governed by a seven member Board of Directors including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairpersons for each CCBA Committee.