Federal Legislative Committee

The mission of the Federal Legislative Committee is to educate all of Colorado's national congress persons and senators regarding the need for FDCPA reform. Our meetings are currently on-line via e-mail in order to accomplish our initial goal of arranging meetings with all of these congressional leaders. Persons interested in joining this committee should contact the committee chair, Jennifer Cohen: flcommittee@ccba-co.org.

CCBA Legislative Committee Meets with Congressman Perlmutter

Congress Ed Perlmutter serves on the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. Why is this important to us? Because this is the Committee which is responsible for amending the FDCPA, which, as we all know is up for amendment this year.

On August 17, 2011 David Silverman, Bryan Thomas, Heath Porter and Jennifer Cohen met with Congressman Ed Perlmutter, his Communications & Policy Director, Leslie Oliver and his Legislative Assistant who focuses on financial affairs, Noah Marine in Congressman Perlmutter's Lakewood, Colorado office. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce Congressman Perlmutter to the CCBA and to discuss our ongoing concerns with the rising abuse of the FDCPA as it impacts lawyers across the nation--particularly in Colorado. Congressman Perlmutter was very receptive as it related to our message. We discussed the creation of the CCBA and the great success we have experienced during our first year and our plans to continue to grow this new bar association. We also spoke to Congressman Perlmutter about the excessive problems that lawyers have experienced since the removal of the attorney exemption from the FDCPA in 1986. He understood our concerns and said that he and his staff were going to reach out to Congressman Peters and Congressman Biggert, the two Representatives leading the attempted FDCPA reform to discuss their plans and learn more about some of the potential FDCPA modification proposals that may be introduced in the next term.

It should be noted one of the Congressman’s initial thoughts was that the easy solution would be to exempt attorneys from the FDCPA altogether.

Now there’s an idea we can ALL agree on.