Legislative Committee

The following is a listing of Colorado’s Federal Congressional Delegation which is provided to you as a member benefit of the CCBA. You should always feel free to contact any of these Senators or Representatives, regardless of your political affiliation or your constituency status with them. Although you may not be a constituent, certainly you have fellow CCBA members, and the people who work in their offices, who are constituents.

When communicating with them, you should inform them of your affiliation with the CCBA and our membership make up. However, please be certain to be careful not to represent that you are speaking on behalf of the CCBA unless you are on officially sanctioned business from the CCBA.

Many such official conversations and meetings have already occurred with such representatives and the CCBA. If you are interested in participating in such a visit, please contact ...

The Federal Legislative Committee has information and material which will assist in your preparation and presentation.

Colorado Congressional Members