State Legislative Committee

The mission of the Colorado Creditors Bar Association State Legislative Committee is to advance those causes and issues that are near and dear to the creditors bar. We strive to become a voice for the creditors bar in meeting with elected state officials to discuss our concerns. We want to help elect pro-creditors rights legislators to the Colorado General Assembly. The State Legislative strives to lobby at the Capitol to pass legislation that is good for creditor’s rights and working to defeat bills that do not advance or are against our interests. We also will monitor regulations at the administrative level that affect the way we practice law and the way our clients conduct their business. Legislation and regulations that allow us to effectively and efficiently represent our clients benefit the overwhelming majority of consumers who pay their debts by not passing onto them the costs incurred by creditors who sustain losses caused by those few consumers who do not do the right thing.

The State Legislative Committee meets informally through email however, we anticipate that we will have informal meetings in person in the near future and as needs dictate.

Anybody that is interested in joining the Committee should contact the current chair, Deborah Wilson.