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    Important Announcement Regarding Our Annual Meeting

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Welcome to CCBA

The Colorado Creditor Bar Association (CCBA) was founded in 2011 as the official trade association for Colorado attorneys primarily engaged in the practice area of creditors’ rights. The CCBA aims to to be the focal point for creditors rights counsel to share best practices, enhance the practice of creditors rights law, be a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and be a source of education for both its membership and the public, including the legislature and the judiciary.

The CCBA’s Mission Statement expresses the Association’s commitment to a wide breadth of activities and services to its membership and the public at large. As attorneys involved in the collection of debt, it is our goal to know, understand and comply with all applicable laws. Additionally, we strive to maintain standards of professionalism and honesty in the performance of such debt collection.

We further endeavor to educate attorneys, creditors, debtors and legislators in this area of the law, in order to maintain high standards of compliance, provide input on evolving legislation and fair interpretation of laws by the judiciary, and facilitate beneficial resolutions of debt-related problems.

Our membership benefits include a Members Only Website Forum, educational programs, opportunities for networking, a forum for an open exchange of ideas on issues currently being faced in the areas of collection law and creditors’ rights. The CCBA strives to work side by side with the legislative and judicial branches of government to develop legislation and court rules to the mutual benefit of the Colorado citizenry.