CCBA Mission Statement

The Colorado Creditors Bar Association, Inc. was organized in 2010. Full membership in CCBA is limited to Colorado licensed attorneys in good standing with the Colorado Supreme Court who limit the portion of their practice devoted to Creditors / debtor issues exclusively to the representation of Creditors. CCBA was created for the following purposes:

To further and promote the image, function and effectiveness of the legal profession engaged in consumer and commercial debt, enforcement and collection activities, Creditors’ rights, Creditors representation in bankruptcy, Creditors representation with respect to federal and state laws and regulations affecting Creditors’ rights and collection activities, and related areas of the law pertaining to consumer and business credit.

To continue to elevate and maintain standards and improve the practice and ethics of those attorneys involved in the area of debt enforcement or collection activities, or the handling of Creditors’ rights and issues.

To educate the public and members of the credit and collection industry as to various aspects of the legal, ethical and political debt collection industry.

To provide encourage and promote the adoption of legislation and court rules which strengthen and improve the judicial system, equitably address issues involving enforcement and collection of debt, debt security instruments, Creditors’ rights in general, and the attorneys engaged in these practice areas.

To foster among its members a feeling of camaraderie, mutual confidence, respect and a forum for the open exchange of ideas or issues facing the industry.

To encourage, foster and advance professional practices and ethical conduct amongst its members.

To gather and disseminate information and material relative to credit and the responsible use thereof which may be valuable to the members of the Association, the legislature, the judiciary and the general public.